Renewable energy projects are not zero emission

Net Zero cannot be achieved through ‘greening’ the entire energy system at its current output nor by offsetting emissions at their current rate of increase. Absolute emissions must be reduced.

We need to do three things to bring about transformative changes; think in terms of systems, highlight expertise and build trust.

Thinking in systems was largely the responsibility of government or public policy experts. Though now with the entire world in a flux, decision making in business around the simplest of things has become a complex task. Systems thinking helps break things down and at the same time helps look at the many interconnected parts.

At the same time, people are also looking for magical solutions and quick fixes that will solve everything. But, magical solutions mostly only exist on fairy tales. To get better we go to doctors. To fix a car we go to a car mechanic. For help with on a tricky piece of code we go to someone who knows the software. Belief in expertise and trusted advice helps in solving problems, making changes and finding solutions.

Why is this important? Because for anyone to be truly sustainable—a multifaceted, multidimensional, scientific approach is needed and most importantly, we need to trust the experts and the scientists to solve problems.