Are you about to make a real estate investment? How will climate change affect your home?

Maps and other data are now available to help buyers analyze the risks of fires, floods and other disasters when searching for a new house. ClimateCheck empowers property buyers, owners, and brokers by exposing and quantifying the risks related to the climate crisis through it’s proprietary risk assessment and report. These ratings are based on an area’s future risk, and how much that risk will change over time. These have been created by using dozens of internationally accepted, global climate models for the continued release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Real estate brokerage Redfin — is now publishing climate-risk information for every location listed on its website. Redfin users who want to understand the climate risks for fire, heat, drought and storms over a 30-year period to any area in which they’re searching for a home can now see a ClimateCheck rating from 0-100 associated with the county, city, neighborhood and zip code of the home they’re considering. Currently, this data is available everywhere in the US, for over 94 million homes.

Climate risk is real and will significantly impact business as well as personal investment decisions. While businesses have been aware of these risks for some time, personal decision making is now getting impacted too!