To communicate ESG, Customer Experience is the answer

If you’re ready to put #ESG at the forefront of your marketing and communications efforts, you’ll want to start by creating a strategy for sharing your story.


Environmental responsibility isn’t just targets. ESG isn’t just a sustainability report. Customers need to know how your corporate practices impact the brand and therefore their lives. Communicating via retargeting popups, spamming and cold calling won’t work anymore. A responsible brand is more than just advertising and PR. #CustomerExperience have and will always matter. Change products and service journeys to build the environmental, social and governance narrative.


Much of the climate narrative is around gloom and doom. For everyone emerging out of the pandemic a narrative around climate crisis is unlikely to succeed. Marketers often forget that consumers are people first. One of the underlying desires today is to feel joy. Help people make their lives better and of those around them through your ESG journeys.


ESG is as much about investors and employees as it is about customers. The entire ecosystem needs to believe in the ESG journey that you have started. From social media to the mission statement, to your program and products, to your employees, to investor and public relations efforts, consider how your messaging will integrate throughout our company’s brand. You just can’t fake it anymore. Stay authentic.