The top 5 implications of net-zero


n 2020, net-zero pledges fell thick and fast from policymakers and businesses alike. In 2021, those ambitious words need to be turned into concrete actions. What are the implications of this Net-zero transition:

  • While factories will shift to renewable energy, so will offices and stores.
  • The shift away from plastic will mean that new bio-degradable materials will hold sway.
  • At the same time, reverse supply chains that enable reuse and recycling of bottles, packaging and containers will emerge stronger. Post-consumer waste will be the responsibility of the company. While EPR is currently enabled by legislation in some countries including India, consumer awareness is currently limited. This is likely to change
  • For consumers, environmentally friendly lifestyles will become the new theme. This will emerge in almost every category – packaged food, fruit and vegetables, drinks, cosmetics, home care, personal care
  • Necessitated by the cost of managing reverse supply chains and inspired by consumer demands products will be radically redesigned – natural, local, environmentally friendly themes will be prominent.