Who cares about Brand Purpose?

The pandemic has impacted most sectors’ corporate profitability, worsened social inequality and overall highlighted the urgency of tackling climate change. Corporate speak today is littered with well-meaning words designed to motivate employees and highlight to customers that the corporation exists for more than just profit. While most corporations’ mission and vision define what they wished to achieve in the long term, the brand purpose has been attributed to various corporate brands within a single corporations portfolio. Brand purpose has also become a way of aligning to various social initiatives and advertising this.

A significant purpose should manifest itself in everything a brand does: from product development to customer experience, to how it should conduct its marketing. While the profit motive takes primacy for most in the immediate future, the organisation’s licence to exist will take precedence in the long game. Working towards the common good has to be the defining metaphor of our times. For this, we don’t just need big words but action that build trust, transparency and believability at scale.

Words matter, but actions define who you are!