SHIFT: Decisions for a Net Zero World by NAMRATA RANA and UTKARSH MAJMUDAR

SHIFT: Decisions for a Net Zero World

by Namrata Rana and Utkarsh Majmudar

The clock is ticking in more ways than one!

The perpetually growing economy on which our financial system rests has now come into conflict with a finite biosphere. This moment in time needs reflection and action at great speed. Economic opportunities, well-being of society, environmental and technological balance need fresh new thinking.

The shift starts with ensuring development without carbon emissions, products that can be reused and recycled, jobs that are green and an economy that is inclusive. This shift requires a collaborative process, breaking down the blocks of the pastand visualising the future in a completely different way.

Shift focuses on the transition that companies need to make towards the net zero and circular economy without leaving anyone behind. It also focuses on the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) norms and how they can be integrated into corporate strategies.

If done right, responsibility for the modern world can define the boundaries of the corporation—and its very soul!