To avoid the worst climate impacts, global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will need to drop by half by 2030 and then reach net-zero around mid-century. What are your Net Zero targets and plans. Do share them with us so that we can add you into the Net Zero tracker.

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Has your organization formalized a target year for achieving Net Zero emissions?

Please list below your GHG emission reduction targets:

(Do include the target year along with reduction target versus a baseline.
E.g.: Reduce Scope 1 emissions by 20% by 2025 over 2020
E.g.: Achieve GHG intensity of 0.40 tCO2e/unit of production by 2030)

What measures do you undertake/plan to undertake to achieve net-zero? Tick all that apply.

Please list below your GHG emissions for 2020 and 2021 for Indian operations (tCO2e).

Has your organization already achieved carbon neutrality in any of its existing operations or entire business?*

Link to your sustainability report / integrated report or any other supporting document on your website. You can share multiple links.*

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